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Mareko Marciniak

Mareko Marciniak

Kasane, Chobe


For the last 27 years I have been living and working in Botswana, Africa. Since my school years I was always interested in taking pictures or filming, especially related to nature. Today most of my images document the incredible wilderness and wildlife of Botswana. I have been documenting the traditional life and the culture of the People of Botswana as well, especially the San and Hambukushu People. I like to experiment with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography (but not overdoing it, mostly for the sake of improving the image; and with macro of small creatures. Sometimes I paint and do some graphics or write music. Some of my friends advised me to share my photographs with the rest of the world via internet. I am involved in the safari industry in Botswana and try to promote conservation, support the local safari operators to create job opportunities for the local people.
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Most of my pictures are in HD format = 1920x1080 pixels. In Most cases the originals are much larger - up to 4272x2848, sometimes larger. Please, contact me if you need a larger than HD format and I will post it as soon as I can.


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